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I finally decided to write this when I read a history paper shared by my friend Tanuj, which recounted the fascinating history of MIT’s involvement in establishing IIT Kanpur and BITS Pilani as elite technical institutions, and the perverse incentives that generated. Credits also to my friend Navaneeth Krishnan for pushing me to write a post that he wants to host on his website.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, almost a year now. I’ve been very busy for sure, life at Carnegie Mellon tends to get that way. Of course, I’ve had plenty of free time…

In Dec 2018, I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Engineering from BITS Pilani, India. Today, on 7th Aug 2019, I am writing this blog post from the airport as I prepare to embark on the next chapter of my life. I am moving to Pittsburgh to pursue my Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. As I reflect on the past, I remember a similar kind of paradigm shift when I left home four years back to head to Pilani for my undergrad. However, shit is real this time; Pilani was but a training ground, a simulation of the…

What I want to achieve through this post is to inform my readers about the prevailing scientific materialist worldview and probe some of its soul-crushing philosophical implications.

Note: The ‘scientific materialism’ being discussed here should not be confused with the more colloquial understanding of materialism, i.e. the conspicuous pursuit of material goods.

Most of my readers may be dispassionately familiar with the doctrines of materialism to one extent or the other, but I doubt many will be aware of its accompanying philosophical baggage. …

I have been struggling with the moral implications of being a non-vegetarian for a while now. The reason I decided to write this blog post is that I needed to gather my thoughts and figure out for myself where I stand on this, with the added benefit of being accountable for any conclusions I draw.

Let me start off by declaring just how much I love eating meat. It’s so incredibly delicious, and soft, and succulent. In fact, I’m salivating just writing this draft. Which is why I have continued to eat meat for as long as I have. I…

Roshan Pradhan

21 yo mechanical engineering graduate from BITS Pilani, India. Currently living in Singapore, soon to move to the US for grad school.

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